Vessel Monitoring Systems

 Monitor Vessel Machinery Monitoring and Alarm Systems

  •      Versatile Ship System's Monitoring - Two Unique Architecture's Local or Remote
  •      Either Systm is completely Customizable to meet your every need
  •      Optional off Vessel Monitoring Available 

Click to see the link to see a view of either architecture:

                                                                Typical Local Panel System                                  Typical Remote Panel System

Monitoring and alarm annunciation are critical to safety, performance and reduction of down time in any operation. FM Automation provides custom solutions using proven industrial PLC’s and touch screens to fit your specific vessel monitoring requirements. Temperatures, pressures, flows, RPM of engines, electrical switchboard metering data and more can be displayed and user adjustable alarm set points can provide alarms as well as using digital inputs for other alarms.

Our system consists of multiple PLC Platforms, Ethernet Connectivity and reliable Operator Interface Panels. They are configurable and expandable to meet our customers’ unique needs. Custom designed screens and alarms allow for operator interaction to the system and offer each customer a unique view of their individual vessel’s systems.


FM Automation and Electric, Inc. is a full service electrical company able to provide you with excellent customer service from concept of the monitoring/alarm system, installation and through to the final start-up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a customized proposal on a system that fits your specific needs.



New Local Panel System InstallTypical Screen RepresentationPanel Components